Fresh, Filling: 4 Meal-Worthy Salads

When you want to eat healthy but have enough energy to take you to the end of the day, try one of these well-rounded salads.

1. A trusted name
Just like the stacked variety of FCP & Exchange Tower's food and beverage offerings, the salad named First Canadian Place at Kupfert & Kim is stacked with satisfying ingredients - starting with organic quinoa and tempeh.

2. Japanese delight
For those who like lightly fried agedashi tofu as a staple side for a sushi dinner, you'll love it at the centre of the Agedashi Tofu salad from Greenleafs.

3. Magnificent Mexican
Freshii takes some inspiration from south of two borders for its Fiesta salad, with that ever-appealing combination of cheese, avocado, corn, black beans, salsa, cilantro and greens.

4. A salad of salads
The Plentiful Salad at Pumpernickel's is one you can craft yourself, mixing and matching from more than a dozen on offer. And then, what'll really make it a meal is choosing one of five protein toppings, including grilled salmon and falafel.

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